First-call-fix of customer issues

With immediate access to the customer‘s mobile performance history, Customer Service Representatives have a single screen with a breadth of information – including device change history, radio and IP performance records by location and service test measurements – to resolve the issue on the first phone call.

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Empowering Mobile Customer Service

Ciqual’s Session Insight solution provides the essential information required to address Mobile issues quickly and reliably.

Customer Service Representatives can easily access the user’s real-time and historical records to enable an accurate, first-time-fix of any issue relating to network performance, device performance, user expectation, settings errors, accessing content, and much more.

Reduce the Average Hold Time of calls

Session Insight automatically identifies the time and location of the customer’s network and service issues, enabling the Customer Service Representative to immediately begin the fault resolution process.

This not only reduces the time on the call, it reassures the customer that your service is reliable and up-to-date.

Key Features

  • Historical record of all Mobile uses by every customer
  • Web-based interface ensures scalability and accessibility in multiple Call Centre locations
  • “Test Now” feature enables Customer Care Representatives to perform a line-test to the mobile customer
  • System server can be hosted by Ciqual in the Cloud or hosted in your Data Centre

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Average Call Hold Times by more than 20%*
  • Reduce Time to restore service by over 50%*
  • Reduce rebates given due to poor service by over 50%*
  • Reduce No-Fault-Found device returns by over 50%*
  • Reduce the volumes of trouble tickets passed to Tier 2 and 3
  • Use as a competitive selling tool to highlight superior Customer Service versus your competitors
  • Addresses most common Mobile Data problems, including Connected but cannot browse, wrong APN setting, Radio and IP network performance problems and user perception issues

(*) as measured in real customer deployments.

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