Here are Ciqual, through our on-device application, we enable mobile operators and enterprises to take action to quickly identify, verify and resolve individual customer affecting issues by correlating in real-time with network, device and service reachability.

Ciqual's staff are absolutely central to our success.

While Ciqual does not currently have any specific vacancies available, we are always interested in hearing from potential new employees.

If you are interested in finding out more abut Ciqual, please send your CV with covering letter to


Recruitment Agencies please note:

Ciqual Limited recruits directly and with a pre-selected Agency.We do not acknowledge the terms of unsolicited candidate submissions sent to us by any means.If candidate details are submitted without prior consent the sender accepts that Ciqual Limited reserves the right to approach and engage those candidates without obligation to any terms (such as agency conditions and fees) that accompany the details.