Revolutionise your mobile customer's experience

Measure your users' true Quality of Experience from end-device to service. 

True Mobile Quality of Service for Mobile Operators, Telecomms, Regulators and Enterprise.

CIQUAL enables mobile operators and enterprises to take action to quickly identify, verify and resolve individual customer affecting issues by correlating in real-time with network, device and service reachability.

Through our on-device application, CIQUAL provides a more effective communication channel, giving a voice to the ‘silent majority’ of consumers who churn rather than complain about poor Quality of Experience.

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Focus on your customers

Enabling operators to evolve from a network focus to becoming truly customer-centric.


Improve your customer service

Identify, verify and resolve customer experience issues at first point of contact


360º view of your customers' mobile service experience

Providing a 360º view of your service, as experienced by your customer


Download our white paper and find out how Elisa Finland used Ciqual to identify the root causes for a surge in customer complaints and return their customer satisfaction scores to their excellent levels.