Through smartphones, tablets and widespread use of apps – your customers are consuming more content and more data services than ever before, and they expect an excellent experience anytime, anywhere.

Ciqual ensures you can measure and maintain the QoE required to consume these services and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Real-time insight empowers customer service teams to respond effectively, deliver fast resolution, and reduce Tier 2 service costs.

CIQUAL provides your customer service representatives with real-time and historical information of the performance experienced by each individual customer.

Immediate on-screen visibility of the customer’s performance means representatives can quickly build trust and reduce customer frustration through an accurate knowledge of the service performance each customer has experienced – having a ‘confident conversation’ with the customer.

With the CIQUAL solution deployed, a mobile operator customer obtained:

Over 20%

Reduced Average Call Handling Times (AHT)

Over 50%

Reduced time to restore service 

Over 50%

Reduced rebates given due to poor service

Over 50%

Reduced “No Fault Found” device returns

Plus reduced volume of trouble tickets passed to Tier 2 and 3

Gain on Customer Experience

Offer proactive customer care and learn valuable insights about your users and competitors.

Mobile operators are measuring the true customer performance ‘Device to Service’, reducing the number of customer calls to the contact centre and engaging the ‘silent majority’ of customers who churn.

Full visibility across all access technologies, including Wi-Fi, ensures maximum understanding of user experience.

CIQUAL’s empowers you to:

  • Correlate customer affecting issues with network changes, enabling service improvement
  • Pro-actively alert customers to service issues
  • Increase customer satisfaction with measured improvement in Net Promoter Score
  • Gain competitive advantage by benchmarking service performance against competitors


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