Smartphones, tablets and apps have enabled businesses and brands to offer digital services to their customers and enable engagement on a mobile platform.

As brands become ever more dependent on mobile infrastructure, they are reliant on infrastructure of which they have no visibility or control.

There are many examples of mobile services being utilised in a mobile context:

mHealth – medical teams remotely monitoring patient conditions via a smartphone

finance – retail banks offering apps enabling customers to check balances, make payments and locate ATMs on the move

TV – television and content providers are enabling customers to stream their content through a mobile/tablet platform, enabling TV viewing outside the home and on the move.

Mobile networks are more complex than traditional fixed line and wireless infrastructure with most of the challenges happening at the end of the network, the part that can most affect a customer’s experience.

Quickly triage if customer problems are due to the underlying mobile network or the service being used

CIQUAL provides full visibility of the device, network and service and this information is stored in a central access point, enabling any enterprise 360º visibility of their customer’s experience.

CIQUAL provides customer care data to the enterprise contact centre, for example a TV providers support centre, allowing representatives to have the information to identify the issue quickly and work with the customer to resolve the issue. This ensures the customer has a positive experience of the service – increasing customer satisfaction and enabling the opportunity to promote additional revenue streams.

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