Measure service performance where it matters: on the customer’s device

The CIQUAL solution is built on a highly distributed network of lightweight, intelligent software clients. 

These software clients run in the background on data enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones and gather information on the data, voice and coverage experience of the user.

Performance metrics can be measured passively or actively when requested, while a central server administers clients and manages collection and analysis of the performance measurements.


Passive Measurements

robot3 - copia.png

Subjective Feedback

Voice/Coverage Measurements 

Scheduled Active Tests

Software Development Kit (SDK)

If you develop apps that make use of telecommunication services (chat, upload or download photos, stream video or music) you can use our SDK to measure how your users perceive those key elements of the whole app experience that are out of your control. 

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Other features

  • Multi-platform support including Android, IOS and Windows
  • Correlates the actual measured Network Performance and the Customer Experience
  • Client uses less than 1% of mobile device resources, including battery life and processing power
  • Secure client-server data transfer to ensure no data privacy implications

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