WE'LL PROVE IT: How to win-back Enterprise Customers

Winning back the mobile business of Enterprise customers has become a hot topic for Mobile Operators as they search for revenue and profit growth in competitive markets.

Ciqual recently introduced its ”WE’LL PROVE IT strategy, which within a few months is dramatically increasing Enterprise win-back success rates.

Enterprise Dashboard: Page 1 of 7

Enterprise Dashboard: Page 1 of 7

Through WE’LL PROVE IT,  the Mobile Operator provides a selection of handsets to the Enterprise for use and evaluation. The Ciqual App is included on the handsets, automatically gathering customer experience insights and sending these to the Ciqual Cloud server for display in the Enterprise Dashboard. With their Dashboard in-hand, the Enterprise Account Manager has an open, honest discussion with the Enterprise CIO on quality-of-experience.

Results are impressive. The Mobile Operators now using Ciqual WE’LL PROVE IT are already increasing their win-back rates. Come join them.

Industry Analysts agree the main reasons Enterprises move their mobile services to another Mobile Operator are:

  1. Price
  2. Network Quality – Quality of Experience
  3. Customer Service & Problem Resolution
  4. Product/Device/Service Range

At Ciqual we can’t do anything about Mobile Operator Pricing or Product/Device/Service Range. We are, however, the experts in Quality of Experience and our solutions improve Customer Service while reducing Problem Resolution Times.

Case Study

350 users at over €50/month was a tough Enterprise contract to lose. When “Big Mobile” Operator (Unfortunately we can’t use their name) lost this €0.5M contract in 2014…it hurt.

Roll on to 2016 and Big Mobile got the chance to win-back the Account.


Enterprise Customer Profile

Industry: Facilities Management

Mobile Needs (in priority order)

  1. Widest voice/data coverage as staff are highly mobile and use voice and data services to connect with customers
  2. Excellent 24-hour Customer Support; fast replacement device service
  3. Roaming coverage to 2 bordering countries
  4. Price
  5. Device Range

User Population: 350 users across Android and iPhone smart devices


Big Mobile was ready to win-back the Account. Pricing was good, they had the right device range and had improved the Enterprise Contact Centre Team over past 2 years. All that remained was to prove the Big Mobile network investment to grow coverage (especially LTE) has resulted in an improved end-user experience. Big Mobile had increased their network Capex spend by 50% in 2015 to catch up on their competitors. Here is how the WE’LL PROVE IT project went:

  • Week 1: 20 Android/Apple devices loaded with Ciqual App and distributed to the Enterprise users
  • Week 2: First Enterprise Dashboard prepared and evaluated internally by Big Mobile. The Ciqual gathered results were validated against other measures and signed-off as a true representation of the actual customer experience
  • Week 3: Customer Experience results continue to be gathered
  • Week 4: The Account Manager met with the Enterprise CIO to review the quality-of-experience of their users as described in the Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise CIO was delighted with the program, especially the analysis she received on call success rate, coverage and data connection problems. Big Mobile had shown how much the mobile service has improved and, most importantly, that quality-of-experience is a Big Mobile priority.

Big Mobile were awarded the 2-year contract a few weeks later.


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