Want to PROVE your mobile experience? Get your Experience Dashboard here

"David, I'm in a price war, but I want to differentiate on Quality".

This was the most common feedback from my recent post WE'LL PROVE IT: How Mobile Operators now win-back Enterprise Customers. Your feedback jolted us into action.

So, if you are serious about differentiating on Quality and not just Price, this is what you've been looking for.

To everyone working at a MOBILE OPERATOR, especially if you are responsible for ENTERPRISE OR VIP CUSTOMERS, go to www.ciqual.com, download our App and we'll automatically record your mobile experience over a 1 week period. We'll then send you a complimentary Dashboard of YOUR experience. The dashboard you receive will include:

  • Maps of where YOU had good/bad mobile experiences (fell into coverage holes, had call drops, experienced low data speeds / high latencies...)
  • Your experience by mobile device type (have your colleagues download the App and we'll compare your experience as a group, identifying the poorly performing devices)
  • If you joined as a group, we'll identify which individuals had the best and worst experiences
  • The dashboard shows how your experience varied across 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, in-country and international Roaming
  • Correlation of your voice-of-the-customer feedback with the automatically gathered quality of experience measurements
  • If you are a SIM-swapper, how your experience varied by SIM card / network

The Ciqual Enterprise Dashboard is a real record of your customer's actual experience. Sharing these dashboards with your Enterprise customers strengthens your relationship and shows you are serious about delivering the highest quality mobile experiences.

Come get your complimentary Experience Dashboard. Your only commitment is to take a call with us afterwards to review the results. www.ciqual.com

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