Spanish Mobile Operator signs on for 2nd year

CIQUAL are pleased to announce that a Top 3 Spanish Mobile Operator has chosen to renew its use of the CIQUAL Customer Experience Studies capability as part of a wider Competitive Benchmarking program. For the past 12 months the CIQUAL solution has been used by the Mobile Operator to benchmark the Mobile Broadband experience of laptop users against their major Spanish competitors.

“Securing a 2nd year with this major Spanish and International telecoms player highlights the growing importance to Mobile Operators of continually measuring and improving their mobile broadband service”, commented Tom Walls, Ciqual CEO. “The Competitor Benchmarking program, run by a Ciqual Partner, has already provided our customer with real insights on how to improve and differentiate their mobile broadband service”.

The Spanish market is fiercely competitive with over 10% of Mobile Broadband subscribers in Spain now using laptops to access the Mobile Internet. With many of these customers in the high-value business segment, measuring and improving the service to these customers has a material impact on revenues and profitability.

The CIQUAL solution measures the end-to-end broadband performance of each user session and gathers subjective feedback from the customers as they use Mobile Broadband. The resulting correlated information leads directly to improvements in the mobile broadband service.