Sierra Wireless Selects CIQUAL to Provide Insight on New Wireless Devices during Pre-Commercial Launch

Edinburgh, Scotland based telecoms company, CIQUAL today announced that Sierra Wireless has purchased its Session Insight System to provide insight on the real-time mobile broadband experience and service performance for each user during testing and commercial launch of new mobile broadband devices.

“Sierra Wireless devices are highly regarded by our customers due to our high standards for performance and reliability,” commented Greg Speakman, vice president of Marketing for Sierra Wireless.

“CIQUAL Session Insight enables us to track the quality and performance of new laptop-connected wireless devices going into pre-commercial trials, and provides us with valuable data that we can use to improve the performance of our devices before commercial launch.

Ultimately, this benefits our customers, who can trust Sierra Wireless USB modems and AirCard® mobile broadband cards to keep them connected.”

CIQUAL will deliver the Session Insight System to Sierra Wireless as a managed service so the company can benefit from the insight delivered by the system without the need to commission, install and support it directly.

This flexible approach enables Sierra Wireless to optimise its resources to further strengthen the testing process and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction, leaving the technical aspects of the system to the experts at CIQUAL.

CIQUAL Chief Executive Officer, Tom Walls, added “We are delighted to be adding another dimension to Sierra Wireless in their mobile broadband device testing strategy.

Regardless of the underlying network technology, Session Insight captures and displays service and experience intelligence in real-time so device manufacturers’ and mobile operators’ can assure high-speed mobile broadband service to the masses.”

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