Samsung outperforms HTC (and everyone else) in Android user performance

It has been a very good week for Samsung with record smartphone shipments announced. At CIQUAL we have just completed our first analysis of Android Usage and Performance and for Samsung the news gets even better; Samsung Smartphones are the best performing and most heavily used Android devices on the market.

This result comes from the launch edition of the Ciqual Smartphone Analysis Package, which gathers performance and usage information from our China Users Panel who utilise the Ciqual Android measurement App.

Have you heard of the Xiaomi MI 1S or the Lenovo A750? Didn’t think so, but you soon will. These Chinese Smartphones delivered better user performance and higher usage than ZTE, Huawei and HTC Android devices.

Lenovo, Xiaomi and other Chinese vendors with high quality Android smartphones are already concentrating on opportunities outside China. Better performing devices at a lower cost? Now that’s a formula Mobile Operators understand, and one that makes established Smartphone vendors wake up in a cold sweat.

Here are some highlights from the Ciqual report.

  1. Samsung devices took 4 of the top 6 spots in the Device Usage Ranking table. Samsung devices are used longer and used to download more data than all other device brands.
  2. Samsung devices delivered the lowest Latency and Packet Loss of the top 20 most popular devices in the China users panel
  3. The link is proven. Bigger screen = more data usage. Samsung Galaxy Note users download 3 times more data than users with a screen size less than 4 inches
  4. A very popular device is the Xiaomi MI 1S...and it is excellent. This device delivers lower packet loss than all other top 20 devices in the panel
  5. HTC, Huawei and ZTE devices ranked lower in the device performance analysis than less well-known local Chinese brands, including Xiaomi, Gionee and Yulong
  6. China is the most brand-diverse Smartphone market on the planet. Our China Panel uses 35 different brands of Android device. How many Android Smartphone brands can you name in your market?
  7. There are 249 different Android device makes/models in use by the China Users panel. This brings the Operators a huge Mobile Device Management challenge
  8. Lenovo already has 28 Android Smartphone models in use in China
  9. Samsung is the most popular Android brand, used by 21% of the Ciqual China Users Panel. Lenovo is 2nd with 14%, with HTC 3rd on 10%

To receive a complimentary copy of the Ciqual Smartphone Analysis Package results please email The following charts are included in the complimentary report:

  • Most popular Android device brands in use (%)
  • Number of different device models by brand
  • Top 10 most popular Android device models (%)
  • Average downloaded data per session for the 20 most popular Android devices
  • Average data session duration for the 20 most popular Android devices
  • Average Data download comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note and smaller smartphones
  • Average Latency for the 20 most popular Android devices
  • Average Packet Loss for the 20 most popular Android devices
  • Description of 2 most popular and best performing Chinese handsets not yet popular outside China
  • % of data usage that takes place on Mobile versus Wi-Fi
  • Most popular times of day for Wi-Fi usage