Proactive Care for Mobile Broadband Corporate Customers

Unique Insight Strengthens Corporate Customer Care and Retention, Increases Satisfaction

With the flexibility of mobile broadband, the office can be wherever it needs to be. A mobile workforce can work smarter, faster and be more productive whether they are on a train, in a car, at the airport, at home or on a customer’s site. Instant access to the internet from the employee’s laptop with quick connection, fast download speed and coverage is all that is required.

Mobile operator’s are continually increasing coverage, building capacity and providing faster connections and downloads, but how do they know if their corporate customers are happy with their mobile broadband service? Before service level agreements are impacted or customers churn, mobile operators need visibility of the experience received by the individual members that make up a corporate customer.

CIQUAL has developed the first customer insight solution that provides visibility of each individual user’s mobile broadband experience and the real-time performance of the service for the corporate customer. Regardless of the underlying network technology, Session Insight captures and displays service and experience intelligence that enables mobile operators to deliver proactive care to their most valuable corporate customers, increasing satisfaction and strengthening retention.

About Session Insight Session

Insight provides the most accurate, real-time, dynamic view of mobile broadband service performance and customer experience, delivering key customer experience indicators that enable mobile operators to assure a positive experience for their customers, benefiting customer care, increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening customer retention.

CIQUAL will be showcasing this solution and demonstrating the unique capabilities and functionality of the Session Insight system at CTIA Wireless 2009 (1 – 3 April, 2009). You will find CIQUAL at the Sierra Wireless stand (6538) and the Scottish Development International stand (8433).