Optus V Telstra

Did you see the recent coverage on Telstra’s court action against Optus in Australia?

Telstra are taking action against Optus around a television advert they say is misleading and that they have suffered a loss of potential customers as a result.

Telstra feels the image used in the ad, a map of Australia showing Optus 98.5%, Telstra 99.3%, is misleading and implies geographical coverage.  Optus defends the ad as the voiceover clearly states mobile network reach.

There’s a good summary news article about it here - http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/optus-defends-ads-in-court-battle/story-e6frg8zx-1226824696420.

Wonder how it will play out and how long the proceedings will last! I’m bored with their coverage obsession, I’m not convinced it’s just about coverage - I often have a poor customer experience with poor internet performance when I have great coverage. On a recent trip down under I had a 40 minute call with their call centre and they didn’t know why I was having a problem and could offer no solution. When you pay for a service and you expect it to work - that’s why they have lost customers.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

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