Objective Systems Integrators Chooses CIQUAL to Deliver Mobile Broadband Session Visibility for Their Customer Assurance Portfolio

May 6th, 2009, Nice, France

Today at TM Forum’s Management World event OSI and CIQUAL announced a partnership that will deliver true customer broadband experience monitoring and management. With this solution, mobile operators will now be able to offer proactive customer quality management to increase mobile broadband satisfaction, usage and, ultimately, revenue.

OSI’s Customer Assurance consolidates, analyses and correlates network and service quality data from the network- and control-planes, and with the addition of real-time, per session customer data from CIQUAL, will provide mobile operators with a true end-to-end, multi-dimensional view of their mobile broadband service and enables them to respond more quickly to customer affecting issues.

“Mobile broadband is the most important new service for mobile operators right now and CIQUAL is providing us with true insight of the customer experience,” said Randy Custeau, Vice President Sales and Marketing at OSI. “This additional visibility from the user-plane, where the customer accesses the service, is essential for mobile operators to differentiate their customer support processes.”

“We are delighted to be working with OSI and adding another critical information source to their Customer Assurance solution.” said Tom Walls, Chief Executive Officer at CIQUAL. “Customer Assurance gives mobile operators the ability to manage a key revenue generating mobile service, from the perspective of the end customer”

About OSI Customer Assurance

Customer Assurance provides pre-packaged solutions, powered by NetExpert Neon, allowing wireless and fixed line service providers to introduce, support and improve key revenue generating services such as IPTV, Broadband Wireless and xDSL with timely, cost effective, and comprehensive service quality.

Furthermore, OSI will be exhibiting the new NetExpert Neon at the TM Forum’s Management World event in Nice France, booth #56 on May 6-8th.

About OSI

Objective Systems Integrators (OSI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sobha Renaissance Information Technology (SRIT), has over 20 years of experience in providing innovative software solutions for both Tier 1 Communication Service Providers as well as emerging operators. Founded in 1989, OSI has offices in the United States, Europe, India and Asia Pacific. www.osi.com