Nokia Siemens Networks to resell CIQUAL solution

Ciqual are pleased to confirm it has been selected by Nokia Siemens Networks to deliver its mobile broadband customer experience measurement solution to Nokia Siemens customers worldwide.

Mobile Operators can now get real-time data on connectivity bottlenecks in their networks to improve service quality and their customers’ experience. Nokia Siemens Networks has launched a Mobile Quality Analyzer (MQA) for Mobile Broadband that uses a mobile device client to report on the quality of 3G connections. It can combine this data with subjective feedback from subscribers, as they download data or surf the Internet, to get a clearer picture of their mobile broadband experience.

Announcing the partnership, Ciqual Chief Executive Officer Tom Walls said, “Nokia Siemens Networks is a trusted partner and supplier to the world’s largest Wireless Operators. This partnership brings together the global reach of Nokia Siemens with the innovative solutions Ciqual provides.”

MQA for Mobile Broadband consists of a client-server architecture based on technology from Ciqual. The measurement client can be downloaded by subscribers to their laptops, netbooks or notebooks with external or embedded 3G Modems. The client app evaluates signal strength in the cell and measures if broadband throughput rates are sufficient for the online services being accessed. The results are then sent to a measurement server for real-time display and analysis.

“We are pleased to confirm that first commercial deliveries to Nokia Siemens customers are underway”, commented David Bonner, Ciqual VP of Sales and Marketing.