Making NPS actionable for back-office teams

Last week we attended Customer Experience Management in Telecoms, an excellent event where fixed, mobile and converged service providers shared practical examples of how they are improving their customer experiences.

What struck us was how Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measure of the customer experience has taken over our Telecom Industry. It seems NPS is everywhere…and being used to measure every action we do with the telecom customer.

For those not familiar with NPS, a few paragraphs at Wikipedia should help.

Our industry is using NPS in two main ways right now:

  • Relationship NPS; how likely is it that customers will promote your brand or services
  • Transactional NPS; requesting feedback from customers after selected experiences (after a shop visit, after a call to the call centre, after a new service is provisioned)

What struck us most was the transaction where NPS is not measured is actually the most important one; no-one is linking NPS to the experience customers have when using the voice/data services they purchased. In fact, one Operator told the room, “if you know how to link NPS to the back-office / OSS KPIs then please tell me!”

There was one presentation that bridged this gap...Elisa presented their work with Ciqual and their goal to make NPS actionable; to link their NPS scores to the Operational KPIs (data connection problems, voice call failures, coverage problems) and therefore bring together their entire front-office and back-office organisation to use NPS to drive improved customer experiences.

The Elisa case study describes how a 50% improvement in customer satisfaction scores were achieved with this approach.

It’s fantastic that, through NPS, our industry has found a metric to drive customer centred change. Now let’s make NPS actionable so all front-office and back-office teams know how they directly impact customer experience!

Would you like to learn how to setup NPS for your daily operations? Do not hesitate to drop me a line.