CIQUAL Launches On-device Applications to Deliver the Future of Mobile Customer Experience

Empowers Mobile Operators and their users with on-device care to ensure the best possible mobile internet experience on smartphones and tablets. CIQUAL Apps available for download from Apple App Store and Google Play.

CIQUAL today announced the launch of their Smartphone and Tablet on-device solution enabling closed-loop communication between the mobile operator and their customers and providing user engagement tools to turn customers into advocates while reducing service performance complaints. The CIQUAL on-device application indicates to users the actual connection performance to commonly used internet services right here, right now, empowering the user to take intelligent decisions on where and when they use their mobile services, as well as providing feedback to the Mobile Operator on service and device-related issues.

For mobile operators, the new CIQUAL solution uses the power of Mobile Apps to enable marketing, operations and customer service teams to communicate with users on their service experience and close the loop between poor customer experiences and resulting network and service improvements. The customer’s actual user experience and subjective feedback are correlated to ensure the most critical user-affecting problems are prioritised and quickly resolved. For the first time, Mobile Operator marketing, operations and customer service teams will have full visibility of the customer experience whether users connect via the 3G or 4G network, home or office Wi-Fi or any other connection method, delivering continual user experience visibility. The location of user issues is also identified, including 3G/4G cell and Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mobile users are provided a series of tools to manage their mobile internet experience, including a meter indicating the connection performance the user can expect to important apps such as Facebook and YouTube, a speed test application, the ability to report device and network issues and alerts and information to inform the user of device issues as well as receive information from their Mobile Operator directly into the App.

‘The CIQUAL interactive on-device tools provide immediate value to the mobile user and build trust between the user and Mobile Operator’, said Tom Walls, CIQUAL CEO.

‘Users who trust their Mobile Operator will increasingly provide the mobile experience insights necessary to deliver improved network and service experiences for all.’

The CIQUAL on-device solution is provided to users as an integrated component of the Mobile Operators existing Apps, or as an Operator-branded standalone App. Search for “CIQUAL” in the Apple App Store and Google Play to download the App. Mobile Operators who contact Ciqual are provided a Customer Experience report from crowd sourced users on their network who use the Ciqual Apps. CIQUAL specialise in providing Mobile Operators with real time knowledge and end-to-end visibility of the customer experience of Mobile Broadband. Customer service teams use CIQUALl solutions to reduce average call handling times in the Call Centre, reduce repeat calls due to the same issue and increase the first-call-fix rate.