CIQUAL Launches new Study Package to measure end-to-end 4G Customer Experience

CIQUAL are pleased to announce a new managed service study of 4G Customer Experience.

Designed for Mobile Operators, this service measures the actual experience of 4G customers, providing a set of actionable reports and dashboards for Senior Management, Marketing, Networks and Devices teams.

“Our initial 4G customer experience studies pointed to uncertain price plans, customer disappointment with 4G coverage, seamless 3G-4G handovers and variable device performance as some of the critical issues Operators need to get right as they launch 4G”, said David Bonner, CIQUAL VP of Marketing.

“With our newly launched 4G Customer Experience study package, Mobile Operators receive a 12-week program delivering a full understanding of 4G usage and performance.”

For more details - Download CIQUAL 4G Customer Experience Study Package.

To find out more about using the CIQUAL 4G Customer Experience study package, or to receive a free webex on the results from previous 4G Customer Experience studies, please contact