CIQUAL introduces Voice Call Measurement

CIQUAL introduces performance measurement of voice calls and mobile coverage from real customer devices

  • Cloud-based solution provides Mobile Operators with prioritised “To-Do” list to improve voice service and mobile coverage
  • Android solution automatically logs the location and cause of voice call drops
  • Solution identifies location of coverage holes and locations where rival Operators have better coverage

Edinburgh, UK – 7th May, 2013

CIQUAL is pleased to announce immediate availability of performance measurement for voice calls and mobile coverage in its MyConnection solution for Android devices.

For mobile operators, the new CIQUAL solution measures the key performance indicators of voice Call Success Rate and Coverage %. Individual voice call drops and coverage gaps are identified per user, per cell, per location, per device type and by date/time, delivering a compelling view of individual customer experience and a prioritised view of required service improvements.

After price, poor quality-of-service is consistently identified as the highest source of mobile user dissatisfaction, with dropped calls and loss of mobile coverage continuing to be major problems.

By adding voice call and coverage gap measurement to its existing ability to measure data service experience, CIQUAL now offers customer experience visibility across the services driving existing and future mobile revenues.

“Mobile Operators are questioning the effectiveness and continued spend on testing the network as a way of identifying real customer-affecting issues. There is a better way”, said Tom Walls, CIQUAL CEO. “Measuring customer quality-of-experience from end-user devices will become the driving force behind mobile service quality improvements for consumer and business customers over the next decade.”

The CIQUAL on-device solution is provided to users as an integrated component of the Mobile Operators existing Apps, or as an Operator-branded standalone App. Search for “Ciqual” in the Apple App Store and Google Play to download the sample App.

To find out more about the CIQUAL on-device customer experience solution and enquire about our start-up packages, please contact