CIQUAL expands with Shanghai Unicom on Google Play

CIQUAL joins with Shanghai Unicom to offer Customer Service and Experience solutions for mobile broadband on the world’s most popular Android market.

CIQUAL are pleased to announce their Session Insight package is now available for download by Shanghai Unicom Android Smartphone and Tablet customers on the Google Play store.

By using CIQUAL’s Session Insight application, Shanghai Unicom users will now be able to test their mobile broadband connection and send mobile broadband user experience feedback in real-time to the Mobile Operator.

‘Shanghai Unicom users will be able to experience a huge change in the quality of service they receive from their mobile broadband service – being able to download the CIQUAL app from Google Play is simple, hassle-free and will increase customer satisfaction for Shanghai Unicom users when they contact the service centre” commented Tom Walls, Ciqual CEO. ‘In May of this year, Google Play reached over 15 billion downloads. We are pleased our solution is available in such a successful market for our customer’s users’

Session Insight gathers the users’ broadband experience each time they access the Internet, providing information to the user and to Shanghai Unicom on how well mobile broadband met the user’s needs. The results are automatically collected with no user interaction required and consuming minimal battery power.

The solution is available for devices using Android 2.1 and up.