CIQUAL Develops First Customer Insight Solution for High Speed 21 Mbps Mobile Broadband

Missing Piece in Wireless Operator’s Broadband Strategy Delivers Unique Real Time Performance and Customer Experience Data Many mobile operators are anticipating the introduction of 21 Mbps mobile broadband as a platform that enables them to deliver quality multi-media, such as video-on-the-move, as well as successfully compete with fixed broadband providers. 2009 will see the early adopters of this technology roll out live networks and offer one package that covers home and on-the-move broadband to the masses.

CIQUAL has developed the first customer insight solution for high speed mobile broadband that provides the missing piece in a mobile operator’s broadband strategy.

The CIQUAL Session Insight system measures the real service performance as experienced by mobile broadband users so that operators can truly deliver an end-to-end mobile broadband service that matches users’ exacting expectations. Session Insight is currently being trialled by leading mobile operators in the UK, Australia and South East Asia to deliver the new generation of customer experience indicators. Unique customer centric intelligence on the service experience of real users’ in real time delivers unrivalled insight that hugely benefits a mobile operator’s care and retention programmes.

With this insight, customer care personnel can quickly resolve calls received from mobile broadband customers, limiting the need to involve the more technical tier two service team.