CIQUAL Attended the Mobile Event of the Year - Mobile World Congress - in Barcelona

CIQUAL recently attended the mobile event of the year – Mobile World Congress – in Barcelona. This year saw a record breaking attendance of 67,000, up 10% from last year. As the sun shone down on Fira de Barcelona and the attendees bustled into the venue – exhibitors and visitors alike were looking forward to meeting with customers, potential clients and eager to hear what the industry trends were going to be for 2012 and beyond.

The unveiling of new devices or technologies is always a highlight for all at MWC – but the main interest for CIQUAL was the buzz on the topic of ‘Customer Experience’.

A significant focus was on the area of 'Customer Experience' a large number of the exhibitors spoke, demonstrated and hyped up ' Customer Experience' to an unprecedented level. In reality what does it mean?

Ciqual since founded in 2007 have focussed on Customer Care and quality Customer Care improves your customers experience – being a point solution today is a disadvantage. The Operators no longer want a solution for this or that. They are looking at improving the value they offer to their customers they now are all realising that improving the customer’s experience is a high priority to reduce costs, improve brand loyalty and reduce churn.

The stand alone solution vendors now realise that no longer can they add value without some link into customer care and are looking to add where possible solutions that they can integrate with that links there component to the care world.

Another main topic at MWC was the roll out of LTE in many countries - CIQUAL are already in trial's with two major operators looking at the customer experience on LTE.

Mobile Payments was hot news at the event – with this trend growing at a high rate – this included new mobile payments partnerships that Visa has started with Vodafone and Intel and NFC technology is now available on various devices such as RIM, LG and Samsung.

For CIQUAL – the show was a great success with many meetings having the opportunity to update current and potential clients on our progress and future plans. The Scotch Whisky tasting event was a great night enjoyed by all and we hope everyone enjoyed the ‘taste of Scotland’!

Special Thanks to Scottish Enterprise again for being CIQUAL’s host at the event and ensuring MWC12 was successful!