CIQUAL announces support for 100th Mobile Broadband Device Type

CIQUAL are pleased to announce that its Customer Experience solution is now available to Mobile Broadband users on more than 100 mobile broadband modem types from 15 different manufacturers. All major modem Brands are supported including Huawei, ZTE, Sierra Wireless, Option and Novatel. From its deployments to Mobile Operators worldwide, CIQUAL continues to see Huawei and ZTE leading the Mobile Broadband device market both in overall modems sold, as well as the range of devices they supply to the market.

It is well known that User mobile broadband experience varies significantly by Mobile Network. However, increasingly, User Experience is dependent on the modem brand and model in use as Manufacturers release low-end modems to reach price points for mass market consumers.

The rise of netbooks and notebooks with embedded mobile broadband is highlighted by Ciqual now supporting computers with embedded mobile broadband from Dell, HP, Ericsson and Qualcomm.

Regional modem providers are also on the rise with support provided for Onda (Italy), Franklin (US), Longcheer (China) and TCT (Hong Kong) modems.