CIQUAL announces first LTE Customer Service deal

Leading Asia-Pacific operator chooses CIQUAL to support their LTE launch CIQUAL are pleased to announce its Session Insight solution has been deployed to the Call Centre of a first LTE Mobile Operator to enable faster call resolution and first-time-fix of customer issues.

Customer Service Representatives will gain real-time insights in their dedicated call centre on the actual experience of their LTE launch customers to constantly measure service quality and quickly address LTE network or device issues.

The operator has announced plans to use feedback from its LTE launch customers to optimise its LTE national rollout over the coming months. CIQUAL customer experience analytics will provide detailed performance and usage reports and identify overall customer experience of the LTE service.

'We are delighted to work with Mobile Operators who heavily focus on Customer Experience during LTE launch', commented Tom Walls, CIQUAL CEO. 'Working with CIQUAL enables our customer to gain a competitive advantage in LTE services'.

CIQUAL have delivered the system as a Cloud-hosted solution and have worked with the operators’ device suppliers to pre-integrate its application on to the LTE devices before shipment to customers.

Figures from ABI Research show that 9% of Asia-Pacific operators are now running commercial LTE networks and another 53% have specific rollout plans or are conducting LTE trials.