Chinese Smartphones outperform established phone brands.


Chinese Smartphones outperform established phone brands.Ciqual user panel reveals Android device usage and performance results.

CIQUAL - Google Android Android devices from local Chinese manufacturers, including Lenovo and Xiaomi, deliver superior performance and are used for longer durations by users than better-known Android brands including HTC and Sony

A staggering 35 different Android device brands are in use in China with 249 different Android smartphones and tablets identified

Bigger Smartphone screen = 3 times more data usage. Analysis shows Samsung Galaxy Note users download 3 times more data than users with smaller screens

Edinburgh, UK – January 22nd, 2013 CIQUAL is pleased to release results from their most recent report of Android device usage and performance. As Smartphone and Tablet growth continues to soar, CQUALS most recent analysis identifies the winners and losers when mobile internet experience of the Ciqual panel of Android device users is measured.

“Our report highlights the emergence of high performance lower cost Android devices from emerging Chinese vendors including Lenovo and Xiaomi. These devices provide real competition to the better known Android brands”, said Tom Walls, CIQUAL CEO. “The Chinese Smartphone market is so competitive. Mobile Operators looking to improve their margins need to consider the top 10 Chinese Android smartphones”.

Chinese Android v The Rest? If you thought you had seen the best of the current Android devices, think again. 7 of the 10 most popular Android devices in the study are from local Chinese manufacturers. Leading the way are the Lenovo A750 and the XIAOMI MI 1S. These particular Android devices were more popular than the Samsung Galaxy Note, their users downloaded more data than HTC Desire users and they delivered lower Latency and Packet Loss than many HTC and Sony devices.

The range of Android devices With Android now accounting for 75% of new Smartphone shipments, the Ciqual study analyses device usage in the highly competitive Chinese market to understand the device trends which may emerge in other countries. A staggering 35 different Android device brands are in use in China with 249 different Android device models identified across smartphones and tablets. Highlighting the depth of capabilities of lesser-known Android brands, Lenovo have 28 Android device models in use in China. Samsung come out on top as the most prevalent Android brand and the Samsung Galaxy SIII tops the list as the most popular Android device in the User Panel.


Screen Size The user study shows a direct linkage between smartphone screen size, the volume of data downloaded by users and the length of time people spend using their device, with the clearest result for Samsung Galaxy Note and Note2 users who download 3 times more data than users of Android devices with screen sizes of 4” or less. The Galaxy Note is used for twice as long as smaller devices. When devices within a brand are analysed, the users of larger screen smartphones clearly generate more data. Users of the HTC One X (screen size of 4.7”) generate 4 times more data than HTC device users with screen sizes of 4” or less.

“The analysis of on-device usage and performance information continues to highlight patterns that inform the Mobile Operator and device ecosystem. Large screen smartphones are being used for longer. This usage pattern is attractive to device manufacturers and adds credibility to the rumors of forthcoming 5” screen smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung”, concludes Tom Walls, CiIQUALl CEO.

To receive the Smartphone Analysis Report email: The results presented in this study are based on data gathered from 1500 members of the CIQUALl User Panel in China who use Android devices. Members of the panel use the CIQUAL MyConnection application and give permission for their data to be anonymously used for Mobile Usage and Performance reporting.